SALTO – Exceptional Flooring

Architects, designers and specifiers all have different reasons for choosing Salto over other flooring options. One reason is the luxurious appearance and the fact that the tiles (stone design) and planks (wood design) create a unique atmosphere. Plus, Salto comes in an array of 18 different colors.

Another benefit is the product‘s cost effectiveness – it is economical to begin with, comes in 50 x 50 x 0.5 cm tiles or 20 x 100 x 0.5 cm planks for easy installation and is designed to stay looking new for years with very little maintenance. Salto is suitable for double floors: the self-laying tiles/planks are fixed with tackifier. Thus, they are easy to replace if necessary.

Of course, the ecological benefits of choosing a product with 65 % recycled content are apparent to anyone who cares about the environment. Salto is a solution for high-traffic environments. Especially office and administration buildings, cafeterias as well as retail areas benefit from Salto‘s beauty, durability and cost-effectiveness. And anyone who calls Earth home will appreciate Salto‘s remarkable 65 % recycled content.

On the right, you can find selected designs from our product range.